In the previous article, we backed up our Part 2 data with QNAP Azure Storage to Backup and Recover Your Data to Azure In this article, we will see how to restore the backed up data when any situation happens to our device.

If you remember, I had some folders and files on my QNAP device. Somehow they all flew away. So how do I recover my data again. First of all, I would like to say that if you are going to extract your data on a different device or a reset device. You will need to define your azure storage account again.

Create a Job for Restore on Azure Storage

In order to recover our backed up data, we need to create a job for the restore, just as we create a job for the backup process. For this, let's click the Restore button. Then click the Create job button.

Let's continue by clicking the next button after reading the overview window that opens .

We need to select the source: from the cloud option. Eventually, we will pull our data through Microsoft Azure.

Account: We must enter the corresponding account whichever storage account we will use.

Container name: if our data is on the container in azure storage, let's choose the corresponding container name. Let's click the Next button.

When we get to the Configure Destination Folder window, will we print over the original folder? Or we can choose a target folder. This is up to you.

It is useful to consider the warning above. I click the Yes button because I have blown all the data on the device.

After configuring the options, I click the next button.

I give a name to the work I create. You can leave it at default.

After I am sure of all the settings I have made, I click the next button.

Now we have completed our settings. We can click the Finish button.

The restore has been done successfully in our business. I click the run manually button.

It asks me for confirmation to start the transaction. I click the Yes button.

Hope this series of articles helps you ....