Available languages

 As of July 2016, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are available in the following languages:

Language Availability
Arabic MUI only
Chinese Simpl. Full
Chinese Trad. Full
Czech Full except Powershell
Danish MUI only
Dutch Full except Powershell
English Full
Finnish MUI only
French Full
German Full
Greek MUI only
Hebrew MUI only
Hungarian Full except Powershell
Italian Full
Japanese Full
Korean Full
Norwegian (Bokmal) MUI only
Polish Full except Powershell
Portuguese Brazilian Full
Portuguese Portugal Full except Powershell
Russian Full
Spanish Full
Swedish Full except Powershell
Thai MUI only
Turkish Full except Powershell
Bulgarian MUI only
Croatian MUI only
Estonian MUI only
Latvian MUI only
Lithuanian MUI only
Romanian MUI only
Serbian (Latin) MUI only
Slovak MUI only
Slovenian MUI only
Ukrainian MUI only

Full (English + 10): a localized version is available in that language. Localized Online Documentation is also available in the TechNet Library.

Full except Powershell (7): a localized version is available but Powershell components are in English. Online documentation (TechNet) is limited.

MUI only (17): a Language Pack is available in that language that can be installed on top of an existing version.

Language Packs (MUI)

The 35 languages are included on the "Windows Server <version> Language Pack (x64)" DVD that can be installed on top of an existing version to provide a localized experience and language switching. The DVD is available through Volume Licensing or MSDN downloads.

Language Packs provide a localized experience for "Remote Desktop/Terminal Services" scenarios only. Most administrative features are not available nor supported in a language other than the base language of the server.

The extent of localization in any given language will match the above list. This means that installing the French Language Pack will provide a similar level of localization as installing the French Server product, while installing the Croatian language pack will only provide localization for "Desktop" features.

System Center

Most System Center 2012 and System Center 2016 products are available in the same 18 languages as Windows Server (marked "Full" or "Full except PowerShell" in the above table)

System Center Service Manager is available in 4 additional languages: Dutch, Portuguese-Portugal, Turkish and Swedish.

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