Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a feature of BizTalk Server and allows users to monitor and analyze data from business process information sources in real time. BAM is a collection of tools/components that allows users to manage aggregations, alerts, and profiles to monitor relevant business metrics (called Key Performance Indicators, KPI). Business can have with usage of BAM end-to-end visibility into their processes, providing accurate information about the status and results of various operations, processes and transactions enabling them to address problem areas and resolve issues within their business. One of the components is BAM portal where various BAM views can be observed and monitored. This guide provides a collection of resources to aid in the deployment of BAM in your BizTalk environment, developing solutions and supporting BAM and its solutions.

BAM Deployment

To install BAM it is best practice to follow the installation guide, the following resources provide locations of guides and how to configure BAM, resolve possible issues:

BAM Development

To develop a BAM solution you will need to have BAM features from BizTalk media, and Microsoft Office Excel installed. The following resources can be useful, when it comes to  developing the BAM solutions:

BAM Support

To support a BizTalk environment with BAM, following resources are applicable:

See Also

Following resources can be found through MSDN, Microsoft website and blogs:

Another important place to find a huge amount of BizTalk related articles is the TechNet Wiki itself. The best entry point is BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki.