Agile is a buzz word. It is considered as one of core business values. For corporations, it’s Business Agility. And in software development, it’s Agile Development. Agile is about the ability to quickly adapt to changes - we can call it flexibility. Agile software development was already raised up with Agile Manifesto since 2001, so it certainly is not new concept.

Agile is getting into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation more recently. ERP implementation is more into the waterfall model. Agile ERP implementation becomes valid for ERP implementation projects that comprise customized solutions on top of the integrated platform.
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 proposes a new project type, as it now covers Agile Implementation for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, MS Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics CRM.

Waterfall and Agile

Waterfall is classic implementation model staging from Analysis, to Design, to Deployment, and finally Operation. It works for MS Dynamics Sure Step project types (Enterprise, Standard, Rapid, and Upgrade). Those project types have different customization levels, except Rapid which is the type of implementation without customization or with minimal customization.

"Agile implementation model is associated with an iterative, incremental process for developing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. This Project Type gives customers greater control over the final solution because they can quickly change the direction of solution development and implementation from one sprint cycle to the next. – MS Dynamics Sure Step 2010 description"

The Analysis and Design phases are called Agile preparation. The Development phase is called Agile Execution. These phases are performed iteratively.


The development phase in agile execution operates according to a Scrum development model. The life cycle is divided to 30-days sprint cycles and daily sprint cycle contains analysis, design, coding implementation and end up with solution test, and finalizing product specification.

Here is how it goes;

  • Solution Backlog: where the solution feature list is listed
  • Release Backlog: where identify and prioritize set of features to be developed during 30 day sprint, and identify each feature time estimation (story point),
  • Sprint Backlog: is the breakdown of release backlog according to feature priority and estimation it could be 3-days to one month (daily sprint)
  • User story: where descript feature business function, users (roles), and test script (less documentation)
  • Defect Backlog: where identify and reporting system bugs
  • Standup daily meeting: what we did (status), and what we have today

To know more about Scrum in 10 min check this video.

When choose MS Dynamics Sure Step Agile ERP Implementation Model?

The Project Type is decided upon in the Diagnostic phase. Applying the Dynamics Sure Step Agile Implementation model, can be considered under the following circumstances, among others.

  • Customer requirements are not fully defined known Up front
  • Customer can accommodate key user with development team during sprint execution
  • MS Dynamics ERP implementation needs customization (development)
  • There will be interface/integration with third party application

Check out Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step for an Agile world, enjoy this snack