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In today's world every one needs business intelligence to analyze data - sometime you do not now know -where your data is, it may be residing somewhere in legacy system or in ERP or in any management system, so if you want to analyze such data so data has to be gathered at one place and you can do some analysis on that data.

For this kind of activity there are many tools available in the market called business intelligence tools, few of them are free and some are very costly. I have used a tool to analyze my data that tool or plugin called power pivot a new form of "Gemini for excel", I just have gathered data from legacy system and exported into azure database, if you are familiar with cloud computing and sql azure then you can easily create a database on sql azure and export data which has been gathered via power pivot in Excel sheet and dump it into sql azure db.

You can try using PowerPivot to gather data from a legacy system and export data from excel sheet - on the other hand if you have data on cloud, then it's also possible to import data from Azure or export data to SQL Azure from Excel PowerPivot - I have just tried this and exported data from Excel 2010 into SQL Azure.

You will need to configure ODBC connectivity via connection, and the SQL Azure server information will be used for configuration. The steps are easy.
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