Q: My middle-tier service is connected to an external service, which I do not control. Do you provide any visibility into these external services?
A: Customers can see messages received from or sent to external services but will be unable to see the internal details of the service.

Q: I like using the Trace Viewer tool. Is it now integrated or superseded by the AppFabric tools?

A: Service Trace Viewer continues to be an important tool for troubleshooting WCF services. In the current release you can use IIS Manager to configure tracing based on the tracing profiles supported. You can independently also use Trace Viewer to troubleshoot WCF services. We intend to do better integration between the future releases.

Q: Are the instrumentation settings per service, per application, or global?

A: AppFabric allows you to customize instrumentation settings per application as well as change the global defaults.

Q: Can I raise custom instrumentation events in AppFabric for my service?

A: Yes AppFabric allows you to raise custom events for both WCF and WF that will be consumed alongside standard AppFabric events.