1. Report the user

See this procedure:  How to Report a TechNet or MSDN User Account.
This makes sure Microsoft can take the appropriate action to ban users from the MSDN Forum, TechNet Forum & Wiki.

2. Change the article title

Replace the title of the abusive article.
Keep in mind that the article must have a unique name on the Wiki platform.
You could replace the title with "SPAM" and an unique sequencenumber.
For example "SPAM <yyyyMMdd_HHmm>" including a timestamp.

3. Clean the article tags

Replace the Wiki article tags with "Candidate for Deletion, spam".
This will allow the Wiki moderators to isolate the spam listed articles very quickly.

4. Clean the Wiki article body

Remove body the spam Wiki article and replace it by "SPAM" or "<SPAM>", as shown in the screenshot earlier.
This way the search engine should not use the article content to search through.(*)

(*) Currently the Wiki search engine still displays some removed content or removed articles...

Keep in mind

  • Only the Wiki moderator/admin can delete an article.
  • Articles will only be deleted if they really qualify as spam.
  • As long as the article exists, edit actions can be reverted if necessary.

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