My First Bug/ Feedback  for Visual Studio 2011

Today, i have submitted my first bug/feedback in microsoft connect for visual studio 2011 developer preview
It seems that the developer preview is missing the database schema view which is very useful
for organizing database object in the project.

About Database Project in Visual Studio 2011

Database project can be use to version control your database,
synchronize database schema across all environment,
build "test data" and manage deployment to production server.
All-in-all Visual studio database project is a very helpful tool for DBA's

Documentations for database project

A useful blogs for database project is found here.
The official documentation for database project in vs2010 is found here
There no official release for 2011 documentation  as of.

Database project improvement in Visual Studio 2011

One of my observed improvement for Visual studio 2011 developer preview
database porject is that it has now an GUI similar to "SQL Server Denali/2012"
for creating database object. Which makes it a lot easier creating database