Please perform the following steps to migrate your users to Office 365. 

Pre- Transition steps


For user’s data to be migrated, the customer must provision the user in EHA.  If a user is not provisioned in EHA, their user data will not be migrated at all. Any data not associated with a user is delivered to the non-delivery report (NDR) mailbox in Exchange Online Archiving and kept for 30 days post-transition. Data in the NDR mailbox is deleted after that.


Steps to provision users

Customers can provision users in EHA either individually, or in bulk.


Provision individual users

  1. In the Administration Center, click the Administration tab, and then click the Users tab.
  2. Click Add User in the Task pane.
  1. Enter the primary email address for the user in the Primary e-mail address field.
  2. Click Save.

Provision users in bulk

You can provision several users at one time by creating a list of users in a CSV file

  1. Open Microsoft Office Excel.
  2. Enter the following user information as separate values, with each user's information in a single row:
  • Primary email address (required)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Secondary email addresses
  • Instant message addresses
  • Alternate email addresses

Example:  The following example shows a user file with two users. The first user, Pilar Ackerman, has one secondary email address and one instant message address; the second user, Jim Hance, has two alternate email addresses.

Primary Email Address

First Name

Last Name

Secondary Email Address

Instant Message Address







  1. Save the file in CSV format. You are now ready to import the users into EHA.
  2. In the Administration Center, click the Administration tab, and then click the Users tab.
  3. In the Tasks pane, click Import Users from File.
  1. In the Send status notifications to the following email box, type the email address to send upload status information to.
  2. Next to the Specify the user list file box, click Browse. Browse to and select the CSV file that you created.
  3. Click Save to begin the import process.

During the upload process, EHA sends status notifications to the administrator email address that you specified.

If the new user accounts are not added to your services, the process did not complete successfully. This issue can be the result of an improperly formatted CSV file. Recheck the formatting of your file and try again.