A key non-functional requirement for a BizTalk Server deployment can be availability. When you want BizTalk to be able to receive, process and send messages 24x7 you will need to design a deployment that provides high availability. This requires implementing redundancy for each functional component involved in an application integration or business process integration scenario. Running multiple host instances and clustering the BizTalk Server databases high availability can be achieved (separating data from the hosts that process the data). High availability for BizTalk Server means:

  • Separate hosts and run multiple host instances: Different hosts for receiving messages, processing orchestrations, sending messages and tracking completed transactions. BizTalk automatically distributes workload across multiple instances, so clustering hosts is not required. However, hosts running the receive handler for the HTTP, SOAP, and BizTalk Message Queuing (MSMQT) adapters require a load-balancing mechanism such as Network Load Balancing (NLB) to provide high availability.
  • Clustering the BizTalk Server databases: Clustering of BizTalk databases typically consists of two database instances on separate machines configured in an active/passive server cluster configuration. Both sharing a common disk resource (such as a RAID5 SCSI disk array or storage area network) and use Windows Clustering to provide backup redundancy and fault tolerance.

This article will further provide resources to enable you to efficiently plan, deploy and validate a high available BizTalk environment.


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