When you run the Web Services on Devices (WSD) StockQuote sample provided by the Windows Embedded Compact 7 SYSGEN_WSDAPI_SAMPLES catalog item, StockQuoteClient.exe may report error 0x80072ee5 (ERROR_INTERNET_INVALID_URL).

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To work properly, the StockQuote sample requires the OS to support the Bluetooth Stack with Universal Loadable Driver catalog item, which is associated with the SYSGEN_BTH variable. Although the sample itself doesn’t require Bluetooth functionality, this SYSGEN provides other needed functionality.


To fix the problem, add SYSGEN_BTH to your OS design by following the instructions below.

To add SYSGEN_BTH to your OS design
  1. In Platform Builder, in Catalog Items View, expand Core OS, and then expand Windows Embedded Compact.

  2. Expand Communication Services and Networking and then expand Networking – Personal Area Network (PAN).

  3. Expand Bluetooth and then expand Basic Package.

  4. Select Bluetooth Stack with Universal Loadable Driver.

  5. Save your changes and rebuild the OS.

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