Welcome to this third paper in the Solution for Private Cloud Security series. This paper discusses private cloud security from the operations perspective and offers guidance for operating security within a private cloud environment. In some areas, specific products are discussed in relation to the security design, but many of the decisions organizations must take will be based on similar criteria in environments that use alternative products.

The overall focus of this paper is on private cloud security and the special considerations that these environments bring. Hence, this content is intended only to cover the differences between private cloud security and traditional data center and operational security rather than the entire security domain. This paper focuses on what is new and different in private cloud security by referring to the key cloud attributes identified by NIST: broad network access, resource pooling, on-demand self-service, rapid elasticity, and measured services. The relative importance of these attributes will be different in a private cloud as compared to a public cloud, but all five will have some impact on your operational security processes. 

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Aim of the Paper

The aim of this paper is to help you to plan for effective operational security for an enterprise private cloud infrastructure. The focus of the paper is primarily on the service operation phase in the service lifecycle. In some places, this paper will refer to the way in which Microsoft technologies can be an integral part of that private cloud security design.

The Operations Guide for A Solution For Private Cloud Security includes the following sections:

Private Cloud Security Operations Principles

Private Cloud Security Operations Challenges


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