The Community Council is a small group of members from both Microsoft and the Community. The Community Council takes responsibility for the following goals and tasks:

  • Represents the Wiki community members to the community as a whole and to Microsoft.
  • Arbitrates disagreements between Wiki members over edits and/or policy change/feature change requests.
  • Recommends policy changes.
  • Maintains and enforces the Code of Conduct.
  • Fosters, incubates, and curates community.
  • Collect TNWiki bugs and feature requests, and then represent the community to the Wiki app team.
  • Facilitates community and social opportunities, including the Wiki Ninjas blog, the Wiki Ninjas Twitter account, the TechNet Wiki forum, and other social and community projects
  • Cross-linking and portal growth and expansion
  • Spam, duplicates, pirated content identification and deletion
  • Featuring TechNet Wiki articles

The Community Council is modeled on the Ubuntu Leadership Code of Conduct, whose “foremost goal is ensuring that their team members and team succeed.”

Early tasks of the Council included clarifying policies around plagiarism and non-English content. 


2020 current members include:

  1. Ed Price, nited States
  2. Edward van Biljon, South Africa
  3. George Grammatikos, Greece
  4. John Naguib, Egypt
  5. Kamlesh Kumar, India
  6. Luigi Bruno, Italy
  7. Margriet Bruggeman , Netherlands
  8. Paul Long
  9. Peter Geelen , Belgium
  10. Peter Laker,UK
  11. Ronen Ariely,Israel
  12. Syed Shanu, Korea
Members join at any time. They leave when they are too busy to continue. There is no limit to how long a member may serve.

The Community Council meets as required to achieve its goals (usually once a month). Find previous members listed here.

How Members Are Selected

Members are invited.

See TechNet Wiki Community Council: How to Become a Member.

Future Agenda Items

The team members sign up to work on different areas of focus each month (at least 1 per person). See the Community Council Areas of Focus (a new concept started in 2013). That page includes future areas of focus to add in future months as we cycle through the different focus areas.

Meeting Minutes

See the original 2010 and 2011 Archive of Meeting Minutes for the Community Council.

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