The truth is that if you don't use the HTML editors in TechNet Wiki, Blogs, and Forums (as well as MSDN Blogs and Forums), then you don't have complete control over all your formatting in each scenario (especially links, tables, headers, and line spacing).

This article will give you all the guidance you'll need to get through all the basic HTML issues that you face along the way.

NOTE: This article is a work in progress.

How to Access the HTML

The way you get to the HTML popup dialog box is different in each social tool.

In TechNet Wiki

1. Click the Edit tab.

2. Click the HTML tab/link at the bottom of the Wiki editor. You move from the Design view into the HTML view.

In TechNet/MSDN Forums

There is no way to edit the entire post with HTML on the MSDN Forums, however you are able to add HTML code to your post.

1. Click the HTML button to add HTML to your post.

In TechNet/MSDN Blogs





For TechNet Wiki, we recommend that you build tables from scratch, using this tutorial: Wiki: Create Quick and Basic Tables Using the Wiki HTML Editor.



Embedding Images and Videos

For embedding images, it's faster to use the Insert Image button on the Editor toolbar.