The purpose of this article is to list Dynamics CRM 2011 Sharepoint List Component common installation and configuration errors, minimum permissions for installation and any Tips&Tricks related with the sharepoint component.

Component Installation

For the installation instructions please refer to the download page: Installation instructions

To Add .htc extension to the list of the allowed file types:
  1. Run the Windows Powershell right-click as Administrator
  2. Navigate to the component folder
  3. Type: C:\..........\AllowHtcExtn.sp1 http://server_name
  4. iisreset
This will make sure the extension is added to sharepoint. The account you running PowerShell must also have permissions in sharepoint to perform the operation.

Minimum Permissions

The CRM admin user setting up document management settings in CRM only requires permissions to create document libraries in sharepoint. The minimum permissions are:
  1. Go to Site > Site Permissions
  2. Add the CRM admin user to the sharepoint site
  3. Assign Read, Design and Contribute permissions


 Note: There is no need to change the sharepoint web application general settings for browser file handling to permissive.
The Permission context is based on the CRM current logged on user and not on the CRM Application Pool account.

Dynamics CRM Configuration

To configure the sharepoint component in CRM you navigate to settings > Document management > Document management settings. you type the sharepoint url http://servername and click next.

First error you may encounter is:


IIS CRM website Port change

If you have installed sharepoint on the same server, you may have changed CRM port number from 80 to something else in IIS. Dynamics CRM while checking for the sharepoint component, it also checks the CRM address settings. This settings are read from the CRM database from the following table and fields:


Because the port was changed in IIS this change did not reflect on the CRM settings. When the component checks for the CRM address settings receives the initial port 80 and it fails to verify the CRM address. To fix this open deployment manager > Properties of your organisation > click Web address tab and change the port to 81 on all addresses:


Sharepoint Alternate mappings

When facing the below error there are two common scenarios.
  1. Your sharepoint server was configured with http://sharepointserver but you have decided to create a second DNS entry called http://sharepoint2010 and point it to the sharepoint server.
  2. You have changed the IIS port for the sharepoint site and forgot to update the sharepoint alternate mappings to reflect these changes.



To fix the alternate mappings issue, and the same applies to the above two scenarios, open Sharepoint Central Administration:
  1. Click on Application Management
  2. Under Web Applications click on: Configure alternate access mappings
  3. Click Add Internal URLs or click on the existing URL to edit it
  4. Add a new URL with the correct name or Edit the existing url and add the correct port: http://url:port

Feel free to update the article if you have more Gotchas related with the Dynamics CRM 2011 sharepoint List Component integration.