One of the new features of BizTalk Server 2010 is backup compression of BizTalk database. This feature has some advantages like:
  • Less disk space is required for data files,
  • Less I/O operations,
  • A faster backup and restore of the databases,
  • And reduction of network usage to transfer the files to your disaster recovery site.

When you run backup compression, custom databases that are a part of BizTalk backup jobs will also be compressed. Database backups will happen without compression if backup compression is enabled on databases that belong to non-enterprise editions of SQL Server. If you are a Sysadmin, a warning message will be displayed in the SQL Server’s Event Viewer.

Note: Creating compressed backups is supported only in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and later versions.

Compression feature

The feature can be used through BizTalk Server Backup Job. You can configure compression by Job Properties of the Backup BizTalk Server. In the Job step list, click Set Compression Option, and then click Edit.

exec [dbo].[sp_SetBackupCompression] @bCompression = 0 /*0 - Do not use Compression, 1 - Use Compression */

On the General page, in the Command box, edit the command, and then click OK.

See MSDN How to Configure the Backup BizTalk Server Job.

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