The TechNet Wiki launched on 4/14/2010. View the 8.5 minute announcement video:

What began a few years ago as an idea is now in front of you. Through the grassroots effort and work of many, the TechNet Wiki has landed and the way we view content will never be the same. It is an experiment designed to increase the breadth, depth and immediacy of technical content and evolve the way we work with content.

This is a grassroots effort led by you and us: we, the community. We don't have all the answers. There will be kinks in the system, lessons to learn with the community, features to hatch and processes to evolve. And there will be content. Lots of great content written by all of us.

Join, help and  contribute boldly! 

What Is TechNet Wiki?

The TechNet Wiki is a library of information about Microsoft technologies, written by the community for the community. Whether you write code, manage servers, keep mission-critical sites up and running, or just enjoy digging into details, we think you will be at home in the TechNet Wiki.

  • This is a community site. For official documentation, see MSDN Library, TechNet Library or contact Microsoft Support.
  • The Wiki is focused on Microsoft technologies. The community will edit or remove topics that get too far off track.
  • We are inspired by Wikipedia.
  • Anyone who joins can participate and contribute content.

Tour the wiki in a quick, 1-minute video:


How Can I Participate?

The simplest way to participate is to use the information in this Wiki. The community is providing how-to guides, troubleshooting tips and techniques, practical usage scenarios, scripting pointers as well as overview, conceptual and technology overview topics.

We welcome your feedback. Head over to the TechNet Wiki Discussion forum, connect with us on the Wiki, or Tweet feedback using #TNWiki (and follow WikiNinjas).

Help us write the future.

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