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Sometimes you might come up with an access permission issue while using BizTalk File adapter. The error message suggests that the read and write privilege is not given for a user who is trying to access the network path, whereas the property window shows that it has got all the required privileges selected as shown in the screenshot below:

The reason for the same is that File adapter requires “Full Control” permission on the network folder. This issue can be resolved immediately by selecting the “Full Control” option of the BizTalk Host users in the document property window. But in some enterprise environment, you may find it hard to convince the IT security team to get full control permission because of so many reasons…….


To resolve this issue, you can follow an alternate approach as described here:

  • Go to Advance Security Settings for Documents by clicking on Advance button
  • Click on the Change Permissions button in the new window
  • Select the users (user under which File Adapter handler is running) and click on Edit button
  • Here you will see an option “Delete subfolders and files”, select this option.

Now you are good to go without “Full Control” permission :)

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