A platform is a crucial element in software development. A platform might be simply defined as 'a place to launch the software.' It can include a framework or operating system. Read more about the following platforms mentioned in TechNet Wiki.

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Microsoft Visual Studio (.Net Framework)


Microsoft Exchange Server

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Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server (Marketing Server)

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Microsoft SharePoint Server (Intranet/Extranet)

Microsoft BizTalk Server (Host Integration)


Microsoft System Center Service Manager Server


Microsoft Project Server


Microsoft SQL Server (Database)

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Microsoft Skype For Business


Microsoft Lync Server (Chat Server)

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Microsoft Exchange Server (Email Server)

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / 8.1 / 10


Microsoft Windows 10 IoT


 Windows Mobile / Windows Phone


Microsoft Windows Server


Windows Server - RAM (Virtual Memory) x PageFile


Windows Server - Processador 32 bits x 64 bits


Windows Server - Network Policy Server (NPS)


Windows Server - Domain Name Server (DNS)


Windows Server - Domain Controller (DC)


Windows Server - Active Directory (AD)

Windows Server - PowerShell


Windows Server - Certificados AD CS


Windows Server - Distributed File System (DFS) Management


Windows Server - TCP/IP


Control Panel (small icons view) there is a system option, there shows how it's done the registration information from your computer.


  1. The item Computer Name = Name-machine from your computer (may not be computer name of duplicity on the network, or server name duplicity on the network)
  2. The item Domain = Domain Name Server (DNS) (cannot be equal to the Computer Name / Server)
  3. The Item Working Group Name = cannot be equal to the Domain Name Server (DNS) network server, and it can not be the same-name server used in the enterprise network.
  4.  The IP address (primary) from your computer (cannot exist duplicate primary IP address within the same network)

Is there a conflict of machine name or IP address conflict, always when there duplicity on behalf machine or IP address = the machine software for running seeing the other existing computers within the same network.


Windows Small Business Server


Windows Server Solution


Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)


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