Tord Glad Nordahl is a BizTalk advisor for Bouvet ASA with over 6 years of experience with BizTalk and many more regarding the Microsoft Platform. He has an in-depth knowledge of how BizTalk works. He has created the BizTalk Administrator Deep Dive course and a special deep dive health checking. He has been active in the BizTalk community for several years and decided to move on the the BizTalk forums and TechNet Wiki Microsoft community pages. Tord Glad Nordahl is also a public speaker at events regarding BizTalk. His work includes traveling all over the world. Tord Glad Nordahl was also awarded Microsoft Integration MVP in January 2013 and 2014.

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Tord shares his knowledge around BizTalk and the value of contributing in the community through:

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You can find Tord Glad Nordahl on twitter with the name @tordeman as he tweets mostly about BizTalk Server:!/tordeman


Tord has the following certification:
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 MCTS


Tord Provides the following training for BizTalk:

BizTalk Innovation Day

BizTalk Innovation Day is a one-day event focused purely on Microsoft BizTalk Server related topics that has been conducted in several major European cities since Feb 2011: Amsterdam (Netherland), Milan (Italy), Stavanger (Norway), London (UK) and Porto (Portugal).

Tord is member of BizTalk Crew that are responsible to organize this events along with MVP's Nino Crudele, Sandro Pereira, Steef-Jan Wiggers and Saravana Kumar.

You can follow BizTalk Innovation Day through its Facebook page:



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