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Contact the Subscription Team

There is no Subscription forum. However, if you'd like to contact Subscriptions, you can make requests to them, such as to add other forums into their programs (see the list here).

Contact Hours:
5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Pacific Time
Monday – Friday, except holidays

(800) 344-2121

Those are for the US and Canada. And then all the other resources are for the other countries.

Find the specific country information here:

Make Sure You're Signed In

You need to be signed in with a LiveID account that brands you on the backend as a Technet Subscription poster. As other people have stated it would be nice if this was publicly exposed, but it isn't. So if you are not getting your promised service, make sure that what you think is the Technet flagged LiveID really is the Technet flagged LiveID.

Call and email the Technet subscriber folks ( and make sure your LiveID is properly flagged in the system.

Post Only in Guaranteed Forums

Ensure you are posting in a forum that has a technet posting guarantee. Not all forums are Technet guaranteed posting forums.

That's the list. If you post in a forum not in that list, you won't get a MS posting.


The information was pulled mostly from Susan Bradley from this Forum thread:

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This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums.