"SSDT provides an integrated environment for database developers to carry out all their database design work for any SQL Server platform (both on and off premise) within Visual Studio. Database developers can use the SQL Server Object Explorer in VS to easily create or edit database objects and data, or execute queries." -quoted from SSDT official documentation in MSDN.

In this document I'll try to give you a birds eve view of SSDT as well as how to install it from SQl server 2012 RC0.


SSDT or Codename Juneau offers A lot of advantage over its predecessor the database project. SSDT New feature
includes Online Connected Development, Offline Project Development,Productivity and Tools and
Platform Support and Targeting among others.

Below are some of the noticeable changes in SSDT if your coming from database project:

Data Project Before and After SSDT

Data project looks like this before the SSDT.

Figure 1. Database project templates Prior to SSDT

Below is the SSDT dataproject with multi targetting capability that includes SQL Azure.

Figure 2. The SSDT Data Project Multi platform targeting in the project properties.

Table Designer Then and Now.

Below is the table designer in Database Project 2008.

Figure 3.  Create Table interface in data projects prior to SSDT

This is the Juneau table designer

Figure 4. Table Designer  in SSDT Data Projects

SSDT Installation Step-By-Step

SSDT can be installed in many way but let'g go with the default which is installation via web platform installer in the
VS2010-SSDT included in SQL server 2011 RC0.


Step 1. Run SSDT

Figure 5.  Running SSDT from SQL Server 2012 RC0

Step 2.  Create a New SQL Server Project

Notice that when you creat a SQl server project SSDT is not yet installed

Figure 6. Create a New SSDT Projects

Step 3. Confirm Installation of SSDT

Figure 7. Confirm the Installation of SSDT

Step 4.  Allow Platform Web Installer to install SSDT

You have to allow the platform web installer to install SSDT.

Figure 8. Allow platform web installer to download SSDT.

Step 5.  Platform Web Installer downloads SSDT

Figure 9. Platform Web installer downloading SSDT

Step 6. Setup  will now install SSDT

Figure 10.  SSDt Installation

Step 7.  Completed SSDT Installation

Figure 11. Completed SSDT Installation