Wiki: My Pages

The list of wiki articles that you have authored and contributed to can be found under the My Pages tab of the Featured Articles page.

Follow this:

  1. Sign in

  2. Scroll down the page if necessary (on some browsers the link is "below the fold") and click More featured articles

  3.  Click My Pages


For instructions on how to use the RSS feed for your pages, and Outlook rules, see

Search using Wiki Tag

Some wiki authors also use the tag system. They will add a specific tag to each article they author, and perhaps a different one to each article they edit. That way, clicking on the tag in the tag cloud, or on any article that has the tag, returns a page with all articles that contain that tag.

To search for all articles that you authored using this tag strategy, simply replace the <YourTagGoesHere> with the words you used to tag each of your articles & create a shortcut on your desktop (so that you can easily access your articles at any time):<YourTagGoesHere>/default.aspx 

Note: if you have multiple words in your tag (for eg may be you used your first & last name), than use a '+' sign between each word like so: <firstName>+<lastName> 

Search on Original author

See his article for a step-by-step explanation: Wiki: Find articles based on original author

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