José is a tool to create object reports on Active Directory (AD). It reads object data and logical data from AD and writes it to an HTML file that you can use for analysis and documentation. The reports are configurable in their scope and can be automated via a command line interface.

The tool is based on HTML and scripting which means you can easily adjust it to your needs. It is free and may bee freely distributed.
José was originally written and maintained in German only. Thanks to community effort it is now available in English.

Source reference and download

Download the current version here: http://www.faq-o-matic.net/jose-en/
This is as well the official site that maintains the script. You'll find extensive information there.

Here's the original German version: Download José Active Directory Reporting Original German language


Quick Start

  • Download José
  • Un-zip it to any folder
  • To create pre-defined reports just run the batch file Default-Reports.bat (this is recommended for a quick overview of the AD environment)
  • To define a custom report launch jose.hta by double-clicking the file, then select your options and click report now
  • The reports are stored in the subfolder Reports


José is a script-based tool written in Visual Basic Script (VBS). Its source code is freely editable – please respect the copyright and mention the original authors if you change the code.

José reads data about the AD domain that the logged-on user belongs to. It then writes that data to the report file. The script does not change anything in the domain and thus is “safe”. It may however cause remarkable system and network load in very large environments while it reads data from the domain.

José was written by Nils Kaczenski, Ansgar Wiechers and Nils Weinhold. Its translation was initiated by Patris_70.


Details on the architecture and usage information are provided on the official English version site which is now online:

[José Active Directory Reporting (English Version) | faq-o-matic.net]