Did you know that you can easily find SharePoint 2010 related TechNet Wiki articles by language using tag filtering? All SharePoint articles contain a language tag which allows you to create a tag URL that will filter articles by language.
Effectively, the URL convention for filtering by multiple tags is as follows:
where you replace [tag1], etc, with the filtering tags you want to use. To filter the articles related to SharePoint 2010 and written in a specific language, you have to build the URL as the following

where "[language_tag]" must be replaced by the appropriate URL coded tag related to the specific language: for example, if you want to filter all the articles written in English (labeled with the "en-US" tag), you'll write "en_2D00_US" (the "-" sign must be replaced with the "2D00" string). You can find the list of all the available language at this page.

Here is a list of languages along with links to SharePoint 2010 related articles filtered by language:

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