This is a partial list of keyboard shortcuts for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Hot Key Effect
ALT + N New query window
CTRL + F4 Close current query window
CTRL + W Highlight the word where the cursor is currently located
CTRL + Shift + U Convert selected text to UPPER CASE
CTRL + Shift + L

Convert selected text to lower case

F5 Execute the selected query or if nothing is selected, then execute the entire content
CTRL + F5 Parse the selected query or if nothing is selected, then parse the entire content
CTRL + T Results to Text
CTRL + D Results to Grid
CTRL + SHIFT + F Results to File
CTRL + R Toggle display of results pane
F7 Display Object Explorer Details
CTRL + ALT + G Display Registered Servers pane
CTRL + K, C Comment Selection or line
CTRL + K, U Uncomment Selection or line
CTRL + TAB Cycle through open query windows and panes
F6 / SHIFT + F6 Cycle through the query text, resultsets and messages pane inside a query window
CTRL + J Display Intellisense menu (Only in SSMS in SQL Server 2008 and later)
CTRL + ALT + L Display Solution Explorer
CTRL + SHIFT + R Refresh Intellisense cache
ALT + F1 Execute sp_help
CTRL + 1 Execute sp_who
CTRL + 2 Execute sp_lock
Display the Execution Plan

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