When a Wiki article is authored, it starts at zero page views. As the page is viewed and reaches certain milestones, the author is awarded MSDN/TechNet recognition points and a milestone announcement is listed in the Activity page of their profile.

Below are some of the observed milestone announcements.

Views Milestone Announcement
1,000,000   has discovered the end of the internet. You win, congratulations.
500,000   is Setting World Records. Incredible!
100,000   is officially the Greatest Thing Ever. Congratulations.
50,000   has possibly become Kind of a Big Deal.
20,000   has become a global phenomenon. Smile for the cameras!
10,000   has become an interwebs sensation. Epic!
5,000   has possibly gone viral. This is full of win!
3,000   is pulling away from the pack. Way to go!
1,000   has reached critical mass. Well done!
500   has achieved its 15 minutes of fame. Congratulations!

*in no particular order right now.

Note: The profile announcements only show up on the original Wiki authors profile page when the view milestone is reached. Editors of the article are not notified of the page view milestones.

More details on the Milestone Announcements (or Activity Messages) are available at TechNet Wiki: How to Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals.


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