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This article will show you how to create a personal blog or a blog site inside of SharePoint 2010. This enables you to share internal/private information in a blog setting across your organization.

Create a Personal Blog

To create a personal blog from your SharePoint Profile you have to

  1. On any SharePoint site, click the user menu.
  2. Click "My Profile".
  3. Click the "Content" tab.
  4. Click the "Create Blog" link to create your personal blog site.

If the "Create Blog" link is not displayed on the "Content" tab of your profile page, your organization might not allow personal blogging sites.

Create a Blog Site

To create a blog site in SharePoint 2010 you have to

  1. Click "Site Actions" in the top bar to open the Site Actions menu.
  2. Under "All Categories", click "Blog".
  3. Enter a title for the site.
  4. Enter a URL for the site.
  5. Click "Create". Alternatively, you can click "More options" to set further site creation parameters, and then click "Create" to create the blog site.


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