These videos demonstrate the new Windows PowerShell cmdlets in Windows Server 2012. The "uncut" (also called "director's cut") version of the video demo (part four of four) is with Hyper-V PM Eric Bahna is approximately 21 minutes long. 

NOTE: If you need to see the screen more clearly, try watching the videos on YouTube in full screen mode.

The Demo Script for this demo is available for free at
The script to configure the environment for the Demo script is available at:

The full video is at:

Read more about the Hyper-V cmdlets in Windows Server 2012 at
For those with less than 21 minutes:
Part one is about 7 minutes long and covers some of the new Hyper-V cmdlets in Windows Server 8 Beta and what you can do with them:
Part two is about 5 minutes long and shows bulk operations with PowerShell managing multiple machines and VMs remotely:
Part three is about 10 minutes long and shows advanced use of PowrShell throughout Windows, such as piping:
Download Windows Server 2012: