I have the following set topology:

The Edge Server is configured and policies established publishing the Standard Pool.
The steps of the settings are on the article Instalação do Lync Edge Server em DMZ Double Hop (pt-BR)


After installing the Edge Server services will not boot. And while trying to initialize the service Lync Access Edge Server the following error occurs.


Following is the text of the error:

Windows could not start the Lync Server Access Edge on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -1008124918


This error occurs when the IPs configured on the external network adapter of the Edge Server does not match the IPs configured for External Services Settings in Topology Builder.
Execute the Builder Topology and access the properties of the Edge Pools, External Settings in Settings check the settings of the IP Address configured for each service

On the Edge server run ipconfig and check what ip's are configured in the external network adapter


Perform the following solutions:

Solution 1°

Change the ip's the external network adapter Lync Edge configuring the same IPs the Topology Builder.


It's not necessary to restart the server after changing the ips try to start the services again, they should start without errors


Solution 2°

Another alternative is to change the ip's configured in the Topology Builder to reflect the IPs configured in the outer plate of the Edge Server.
Start Topology Builder, and edit the settings of Edge Pools


In Edge Server Configuration change the IP address of the Edge's services and set the same IPs configured on the external network adapter of the Edge.


After publishing the topology changes again


Start Lync Server Management Shell and run the cmdlet for starting the replication topology changes to the Edge Server.


With the changes have replicated to start services on the server Edge Server start the Edge Server services.


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