I have the following set topology, 
The Edge Server is configured and policies established publishing the Standard Pool.
The steps of the settings are on the Article Instalação do Lync Edge Server em DMZ Double Hop (pt-BR)


The connections policies and changes are not applied in the Edge Pool, and the connections of users are denied access outside. Using the cmdlet Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus shows the replication server with status Edge UpToDate: False



This problem usually is related to the network settings of the structure Lync Server.
To begin identifying the problem access the Topology Builder and display settings Edge Pools

Solution 1°

The networks between the Standard Pool and Edge Pool must be routed, and the internal servers should be able to resolve the name Fqdn Edge server.
Create a firewall rule allowing ICMP packets from the internal network and has set the FQDN of the drip Edge Server.
In this case:

Internal Server FQDN: HmEdge.home.intranet
Internal IP address:

If name resolution fails manually create a record in the DNS server's Active Directory Domain to host the Edge Server 

And check the network configuration of the Edge Server, the IP address of the internal card must be configured with the same ip Topolog Builder Internal IP address: And the configured routes must have an entry for the internal network.

Solution 2°

The port configuration Internal Configuration Replication Port (HTTPS) should be allow from the origin server for the ip Back End of inner network adapter of the Edge Server.
The default port for replication is 4443/TCP.
To check this setting run in the Back End cmdlet to force replication of servers.

To check this setting run in the Back End cmdlet to force replication of servers

Verify on the firewall that separates the Back End and Edge Server

Create a rule allowing the port 4443/TCP with origin the Back End and destination to inner network card of the Edge Server. The firewall log should show the connection successfully established.

Solution 3°

The service responsible for keeping the connection must be initiated replication in the Edge Server. Start the Management Console on the Edge Server service and verify that the service Lync Replica Replicator Server Agent is started and configured to run as Network Service

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