Most people are running their Active Directory Domains now on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2, and want to upgrade their domain controllers to Windows Server 2008 to benefit from the new features that Windows 2008 AD offers. In a previous article, I have shown you how to perform an In-Place Upgrade from W2K3 DC to Windows Server 2008 , in today's article, I will be showing how to migrate your Active Directory Domain Controller from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 on a new hardware server.


In my lab, I have the following:



A Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2.

This is the domain controller in my lab that I intend to migrate.

SP2 X86

A Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. This is the machine I intend to setup as my new domain controller that will replace


SP1 X64


In a nutshell, we will perform the following:

  1. Raise Domain Functional Level

  2. Prepare your current Windows 2003 Active Directory for Windows Server 2008 domain controllers.

  3. Then, we will need to setup the server ELMAJ-DC2K8 as an additional domain controller, read my previous article Setting Up an Additional Domain Controller With Windows Server 2008 to know the steps required to setup an additional domain controller.

  4. Transfer FSMO roles to the Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller


So lets starts :

  1. Raise Domain Functional Level

    We need to configure the domain to run in native mode, this is done by:
  • On the Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller, run Active Directory User and Computers snap-in by clicking on Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory User and Computers

  • Right Click the Domain Name node, then click on Raise Domain Functional Level


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