Applies to:  SQL Server 2012, PowerPivot for SharePoint, in a SharePoint Server 2010 deployment

This error is a system error that appears incorrectly in the case of a PowerPivot data connection failure. The error occurs when you are using a client application, such as Excel or a Reporting Services report, to connect to a PowerPivot workbook through its HTTP address on a SharePoint site. 


A more informative error will be provided in a subsequent service pack or release.

In the mean time, if you get this error when using a PowerPivot workbook, investigate the following (actual) underlying causes to find the resolution:
  • Workbook URL does not exist at the specified URL.

Resolution is to replace the URL in the connection UI wtih a valid URL.

  • Workbook does not contain PowerPivot data.

Resolution is to open the workbook on a computer that has Excel 2010 and the SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for Excel add-in. Click the PowerPivot tab, and then click PowerPivot Window. If no data appears in the tabs of the PowerPivot Window, the workbook is not a PowerPivot workbook.

  • SharePoint permissions are insufficient. 

Resolution is to check your SharePoint permissions. You must have Contribute level of permission or above to use a PowerPivot workbook as a data source in another workbook or report.