There are 3 main ways to contribute translations on TechNet. As of February 2012, each is tracked differently.

Creating articles in TechNet Wiki in new languages

  • You can create or edit a page in a language other than English in the TechNet Wiki.
  • The community has developed an informal system of "tags" and rules for titles
  • This work will tracked in the same way as all other Wiki activity - you get points and this appears in your Activity feed under "TechNet Wiki". It will not be called out specifically as translation in your TN Profile.
More information: 
Wiki: Non-English Language Title guidelines
Wiki: Non-English Language Content Guidelines
About: Wiki Localization

The Translation Widget

  • The widget provides on-the-fly machine translation of a page
  • You can use the “Improve translation” link in the Translation widget. The translation will need to be "approved" ("moderated") before it becomes visible to all
  • This is currently NOT linked to the TechNet recognition system and unfortunately does not give you credit. As a workaround , you can add a comment with details to the English article to let the community know what translation suggestions you made.
More information: Microsoft Translator Widget and Wiki

 Translation Wiki

  • Despite it's name this is unrelated to this wiki. This refers to the ability to contribute translation or language improvements in specific areas of the localized TechNet and MSDN Libraries.
    An example:
  • The “Translation Wiki” activity in the TechNet profile reflects these contributions

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