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Consider a scenario where the following tasks are performed in WSUS running on Windows Server “8” Beta:
  • The WSUS API is used to create and publish custom updates, applications, and device drivers – a locally published update.
  • The SoftwareDistributionPackage class is used to author a package.
  • The IPublisher interface is used to publish the package to a WSUS server.
  • The total size of the package exceeds 2047 MB.
  • The PublishPackage method is used to create a CAB file for the package and to publish the package on the WSUS server.
The expected result is that the package is published on the WSUS server. However, the PublishPackage method will fail to create the CAB file.
More information on WSUS Local Publishing can be found here:


This is an expected behavior, because WSUS does currently not support CAB files larger than 2047 MB.


No workaround.