Windows Server 8

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Denali

Install Process: Server

When your finished with installing the BETA version of Windows 8 or Server 8, Please log in:

Rename your computer and join it to the Domain. It will ask to reboot, just accept.

In my case the name will be SRV-APP-8 and domain name gokmania.local


After reboot, install the prerequisits of the Server, Application Server and IIS Server.


But this will fail, there is a WorkAround proposed by Microsoft. Please execute this command with PowerShell v3

Install Process: SQL


SQL Server 2012 will run some tests, in my case it showed a warning on the FIREWALL, because it was enabled. The warning was for "not forgetting" to open the specific ports for the communication.


You can use the Evaluation Version or insert a Product Key and NEXT


Accept the License Terms


We chose the role "SQL SERVER Feature Installation"


Check all these features from the list. It's just amazing that they putted "Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint". We don't have to download the add-in separatly and install. just priceless..


You can give a named instance or leave the default. In my case MSSQLSP2010.


Be sure to set the startup type to "Automatic" for each service (exlude Full Text Filter Daemon Launcher ).


Select Mixed Mode and give a Password for sa account.

Add the Administrator and Farm administrator.


Add the Administrator and Farm administrator. NEXT


Install Reporting Services but do not configure it.

And finish the Install



Install Process: SharePoint

For prerequisits from SharePoint you can use:

Or you just can download the code of Craig Lussier:

Personnaly I prefere the code of Craig, it will download like my post, but it will also enable features/roles.

But again, you will fail and receive always this error:

After a little bit googling, you can find this blogpost:

Just download the code and put it on C:\Windows\System32\

Now the install can begin, and we can fill our new SQL DENALI database Server.

And Tadaam, your SharePoint is working on Windows 8