What is it?

Orphaned messages are messages that have completed in the BizTalk messagebox but for some reason failed to update the tracking database that it was completed. In most cases the amount of orphaned messages isn't high enough to create any magnificent performance issues, however when you reach high numbers it can slow down BizTalk.

How can I delete them?

There are only one supported method to resolve this, and it is to run the Terminator tool. You can either run the configuration file from MessageBox Viewer into Terminator or simple choose the Terminate orphaned messages from the Terminator tool

Why do I get them?

In most cases its due to development mistakes, review your solution when you experience scenarios like this, you can also download the following SQL scriptto see what applications that create the orphaned messages.

How do I resolve it?

Review your application in visual studio to see if you can locate the issue, if you cannot find the problem contact Microsoft Support.

See Also

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