Já existe disponível para os usuários trabalharem com o Big Data Analytics ferramentas da Microsoft que trabalham utilizando a Linguagem R.  Foi desenvolvido o Microsoft R Server 2016,  que está disponível para download.  No Microsoft SQL Server 2016, nele já existe uma ferramenta para ser instalada, e utilizada em conjunto com a Linguagem R, para os usuários poderem trabalhar com o Big Data Analytics.  Foi desenvolvido também o Microsoft R Open para os usuários poderem trabalhar com código para análise de dados, programando utilizando a Linguagem R.

Hardware mínimo recomendado (Microsoft SQL Server 2016): motherboard com processador Quad Core:  Intel Xeon E3 / Xeon E5 / Xeon E7 / Intel Core i7 ou AMD Athlon™ X4 Quad-Core

Translation (portuguese to english):

There is already available for users to work with Big Data Analytics Microsoft tools that work using the R Language. Microsoft R Server 2016 has been developed, which is available for download. In Microsoft SQL Server 2016, there already exists a tool to be installed, and used in conjunction with the R Language, so users can work with Big Data Analytics. The Microsoft R Open was also developed so users could work with code for data analysis, programming using the R.

Recommended minimum hardware (Microsoft SQL Server 2016): motherboard with Quad Core processor: Intel Xeon E3 / Xeon E5 / Xeon E7 / Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon ™ X4 Quad-Core.

  • Download Microsoft R Open 3.3.3, the enhanced R distribution

    Microsoft R Open, formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science.

    The current version, Microsoft R Open 3.3.3, is based on (and 100% compatible with) R-3.3.3, the most widely used statistics software in the world, and is therefore fully compatibility with all packages, scripts and applications that work with that version of R. It includes additional capabilities for improved performancereproducibility, as well as support for Windows and Linux-based platforms.

    Like R, Microsoft R Open is open source and free to download, use, and share.