Case :scenario 6-3:Assigning Permission

    General discussion

  • You are working the help desk for a corporate network and you receive a 
    call from a user named Leo, who is requesting access to the files for a new 
    classified project called Trinity. The Trinity files are stored in a shared 
    folder on a file server, which is locked in a secured underground data 
    storage facility in New Mexico. After verifying that the user has the 
    appropriate security clearance for the project, you create a new group on 
    the file server called TRINITY_USERS and add Leo’s user account to that 
    group. Then, you add the TRINITY_USERS group to the access control list 
    for the Trinity folder on the file server, and assign the group the following
    NTFS permissions…
    Tuesday, August 06, 2013 2:18 PM