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Aug 24, 2008
Worked at Microsoft for 7 years. One year on Dynamics as vendor and 6 years on Microsoft Office customer service (CSS) and commercial technical support (CTS) for mostly enterprises but some small to midsize (SMB), personal (consumer). SKILLS in Microsoft Office core apps, except for maybe InfoPath, Groove, and Access/Outlook's APIs. EXPERT in Windows OS, Internet Explorer, and client/server technologies not just limited to Microsoft software/hardware but also UNIX based systems, some old Apple (learned on II/c in mid-80s), and a slew of OEMs (Micron, remember them?). Also worked at radio station (producer), casino (IT Manager) and in the manufacturing biz (casting/extrusion). Some sales/marketing experience. CURRENTLY studying the new mobile devices and the tablets, SSD, virtualization, new backup technologies, and my new Surface with SkyDrive and Office 365 Home and Biz subscriptions. HOBBIES include comedy, playing guitar, study entrepreneurship and legal/forensics in spare time as CAREER development.
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