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Jeff worked with every storage media since paper tape, where the biggest problems with storage were storage (where do you put all the boxes full of tapes?), rerolling the tapes when the readers spit them all over the floor, and cleaning up “chads” which wound up everywhere. He broke into disk media with 5MB RK05 cartridges and 1MB 8-inch floppies, then wrote drivers for Winchester drives connected to RT-11 and Unix 6 systems. After a brief stint at startup Intel and several years building custom electronic devices, Jeff founded a business in 1983 to sell DEC-compatible computer systems and 14-inch disk drives to unwitting academics. The breakthrough came when 5-1/4 inch disk drives started to climb above 20MB and the age of internal drives began (and Jeff no longer needed a partner just to carry the drives to customer locations). Before coming to Microsoft in 2000, he architected storage drivers and management products and led a development team at SAN pioneer Pathlight Technology.
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