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Florida Foundation for Developmental Research;
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Sep 1, 2011
PhD; Univ Ill, Microbiology, 1975 Asst Prof, Vanderbilt University 1979 Asso Prof, Indiana University, 1983 DIrector of Research, Methodist Research Inst.,1991-2005 Professor of Neurosurgery, University of South FLorida, 2005-present Pres. FLorida Foundation for Developmental Research, 2007- present The FFDR is trying to accelerate scientific communications using Android or Windows Cell phones to convery manuscripts and especially figures in 3D/ Aside from typing papers, I know very little about computers but am learning fast. My phone is a Epic 4G by Samsung that I had opened to gain access to WiFi anywhere. I had it so that it was apparently running a windows OS, but they they found out and closed it. I would purchase a windows phone if I found it would make a difference but so far, I havent got as far as I wanted to with Android. Especially interested in 3D transmission of scientific images. Denis English, Ph.D. Tampa, FL
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