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Apr 8, 2011
I've been fascinated with computers from childhood and basically managed to turn my hobby into work. I started out with a Commodore 64 followed by several PC's and a BBC Electron. At first I heavily used DOS (up to MSDOS 5, later Novell DOS) and eventually started using OS/2 . After OS/2 passed away I switched to Linux as a desktop and also started utilizing server environments, for servers I've always relied on Solaris and Linux. The year when I started working full-time on my own company I felt the Linux disadvantage: upgrade issues. Ubuntu LTS 8 to LTS 10 ('Long Term Support'; lasts 3 years); the only way I saw possible (with 15+ years worth of Linux experience) was a clean install and manually restoring old configuration files. That's when I made the switch to Windows 7 professional as my main desktop OS, accompanied with Office 2010. Solaris has been replaced with Windows server 2k3 and so far I'm enjoying the ride.
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