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I am now a Principal Programming Writer, writing topics on Windows Azure, how to use it, recommendations, best practices, and general guidance. In 1994 I hired on at Microsoft to write the Office Developer's Kit (ODK). Which was cancelled. So I started to work on Visual Basic 4.0, and ended up documenting Windows Common Controls. The next few years were spent working on VB controls, and especially the data controls--we shipped a new graph with every version. Then I went on to work on v1 of the .NET Framework, and owned the ADO DataSet, Windows Forms, and then the XmlSerializer libraries. After that, I worked on V1 of WCF. In the last few years, I worked on Oslo and the AppFabric CompApp product--which also was cancelled. Data and Development, and ancillary technologies seems to be my kuleana (Hawaiian for "domain") here at Microsoft.
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